How many animals can you balance on Noah’s Ark without rocking the boat?

Noah’s Ark is getting ready to set sail and 50 animals still need to board. Help all the animals board the Ark by drawing a card and balancing them on Noah’s Ark. The game is over when one animal rocks the boat and knocks all the other animals off Noah’s Ark!


1 Noah’s Ark
1 Supporting Base
1 Animal Fun Fact Guide Book
30 Animal Replicas
30 Animal Fun Fact Cards

The Set Up

  1. Open Noah’s Ark and remove the bottom piece of the Ark. (Diagram 1)
  2. Locate the three base pieces. Assemble the base by placing the ball tip in the end of the rod, then place the rod in the three-footed base. (Diagram 2)
  3. Balance Noah’s Ark on top of the base. (Diagram 3)
  4. Set up all the animals on the bottom piece of Noah’s Ark. (Diagram 4)
  5. Shuffle all the animal cards and place them face down next to Noah’s Ark. (Diagram 5)
  6. The youngest player gets to go first! (Diagram 6)


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How to Play


  1. The first player draws a card from the Animal Card Deck. Using the picture and name on the Animal Card, find that animal from the bottom of Noah’s Ark.
  2. Balance the animal you picked on Noah’s Ark without touching the ark or any other animals.
    1. Don’t touch the ark or any other animals already on the ark. If you do, take the animals you knocked down and place them in front of you. This ends your turn.
    2. When your turn starts, if you have any animals in front of you that you knocked down in your previous turn, do not draw a new card. Place the animals in front of you on Noah’s Ark and end your turn.
  3. Go in a circle drawing cards from the Animal Card Deck. Balance the animal you drew on Noah’s Ark until there are no more Animal Cards.
    1. If someone tips all the animals off the ark, the game is over.
  4. Use the Animal Fun Fact Guide Book to learn more about each animal as you place them on the Ark.


How to Win


  1. After all the Animal Cards have been drawn, continue placing any animals that you have in front of you on Noah’s Ark.
  2. The first player with no animals in front of them wins!